Malnutrition contributes to almost 35% of all under-5 deaths in Pakistan


Malnutrition contributes to almost 35% of all under-5 deaths in Pakistan.

National Nutrition survey has emphasized the prevalence of wasting (17.5%), underweight (40.5%) and stunting (49.8) among children under-5 in Sindh.

More than two-thirds of children are suffering macro and micro nutrients deficiencies that lead towards childhood stunting and wasting leading to poor or slow mental and physical growth. Poor performances in adult hood occur due to these mentioned childhood nutrition deficiencies. It leads to weakness and low resistance to infections in the body which causes health problems.

Malnourished mothers are more likely to die in childbirth and have low birth-weight babies that are at increased risk of disease, infections and death.


  • Counselling of women for positive behaviours towards Infant and Young Child FeedingĀ  like early initiation of breastfeeding and exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months
  • Awareness and counselling of young girls and women for a balanced diet.
  • Antenatal and post-natal care
  • Multisectoral activities such as basic hygiene practices like hand washing covered toilets, hand pumps/wells and providing poultry.
  • Creating a supportive environment and sensitize male members of community about malnutrition
  • Awareness through media such as posters, mobile phones, local tv channels.
  • Counselling of women about family planning practices


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