Create a self reliant and self confident society by empowering women, children and individuals in the fields of health, education,nutrition and social determinate


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The overall aim of the Mother and Child Welfare Foundation (MCWF) is to equip the society with knowledge about hygiene, nutrition and education status of community especially in respect to children and women.
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MCWF Arrange Camps In Tharparkar for malnourished children and women for food distribution and medicine. MCWF arrange seminars and workshop to help educate women on family planing and hand washing.                               ,

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MCWF believes in the empowerment of women, development of backward communities; helping the underprivileged fight against sickness and taking action against illiteracy through educating the children to whom access to education is abandoned.

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Poverty exist not because we cannot feed the poor
but because we cannot satisfy the rich