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Dr. Fahim Aijaz Chair Person & President


The Mother and Child Welfare Foundation emerged in 1992 as a non-governmental and non-political registered organization, with an agenda to disrupt and eventually destroy the cycle of poverty primarily through strategies of public health education, dissemination and interventions aimed at boosting the nutritional status and environment of families residing within Sindh.

MCWF registered with directorate of social welfare on 18th July 1996 with registration number DSW(s)/924.The foundation has now vested twenty three years in realizing a vision of a self-reliant, self-confident and self-aware society by empowering women, children and individuals in the field of nutrition, health, education and social environment.

What began as a charitable intention by a handful of public spirited ladies and Volunteers under the chairmanship of Dr.Fahim Aijaz in 1992 has expanded into an organization that provides free quality health services, nutrition-based interventions, family counseling and breast feeding practices training. Furthermore, it also provides technical and vocational training and livelihood creation for women, alongside access to educational resources-both academic and physical – for children residing within underprivileged communities.


Create a self-reliant and self-confident society by empowering women, children and individuals in the fields of health, education, nutrition, and social determinates.


The overall aim of the Mother and Child Welfare Foundation (MCWF) is to equip the society with knowledge about health, hygiene, nutrition and education status of community especially in respect to children and women. At MCWF, we primarily emphasise on malnourishment amongst the poor and disadvantaged, including women, adolescent girls, children with disabilities and socially marginalized groups.

MCWF believes in the empowerment of women, development of backward communities; helping the underprivileged fight against sickness and taking action against illiteracy through educating the children to whom access to education is abandoned.

MCWF’s journey towards its vision is through information sharing, research, coordination, education and training/capacity building in seeking healthy behaviour, services and through initiating trendsetting health and education programs that can serve as an example and a model in various areas of human development.


Our values are based upon transparency, excellence, professionalism, utual trust and hard work along with innovative initiatives.

President’s Message

Mother and Child Welfare Foundation (MCWF) started with a clear vision to work in the sectors of health, education, nutrition, poverty alleviation, women empowerment, violence against women, recreational activities for children and safe water supply. Health and education are primary areas where our team has worked devotedly to help the women and children of Pakistan as they are the pillars of our society, and a lot of work needs to be done to bring prosperity and growth in these sectors.

With Allah’s blessing our mission is to serve humanity by playing an active part in the society and rendering services to the under privileged as everyone has the right to live equally.


To create the means for providing medical assistance to people suffering from diseases is among the foremost aims of MCWF. Among its other aims is to conduct regular female and adolescent nutrition counseling through mother support groups at MCWF


To Mobilize and manage resources to act as a bridge for promotion of education in the underprivileged society.


Counseling of women so as to lead towards a positive behaviour towards infants, developing young child feeding practices, like early initiation of breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, awareness and counseling of young girls and women for a balanced diet,

Gender empowerment

Vocational trainings to create an alliance of women’s organizations, NGOs and individuals working with special focus on women and the girl child, to influence legislation with a view to enhancing constitutional rights of women and girls, to promote and support legislation

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-(WASH)

Providing clean water by installation of hand pumps and wells, creating awareness of basic hygiene and regular hand washing, focus on closed toilets to reduce open defecation, training and awareness of people


Training program for women and girls for their basic awareness and training in the field of health, nutrition and education. this will help in their  empowerment and employment in the society.

You Can Trust Us


Dr. Fahim Aijaz

Chairperson & President

Dr Irfan Ahmed

Vice President

Mr. Syed Yorgoc Tipu

General Secretary

Hoor Anwar

Joint Secretary

Maryam Ali

Finance Manager

Asiya Irfan

Joint Secretary

Mr, Asif Jessani